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Transformation Success and Communications – a quick opinion:
What Contributes to Transformational Success?

Successful Business Transformation is less a work of art and more a complex and impressive choreography.

To achieve harmony across the 8 pillars of a Transformation (see previous article on Transformation Management) requires a talent for integrated Meta Management, and a personality that motivates and encourages talented and masterful project managers to do more than own their respective silos, by symbolically becoming the driving figurehead who both directs and understands the “troops” and everything they experience.

It is not by accident that a tradition of engaging only the best “generals” for directing each pillar, each of whom have a wealth of experience in their chosen field, developed over many years of grass roots delivery, leads to quantifiable and improved outcomes.

Without a talented and experienced Transformation Director working the integrated Meta Management activities, supported by strong project managers for each of the relevant pillars, it is less likely the Transformation will be as successful as it could be.

Communication during Transformations

It is true that many Transformation programmes and change programmes fail, often on simple elements such as use of the appropriate communication medium, content and regularity.

This is a skill which, despite all the social media technology, still seems to elude many.

This particular challenge can be mitigated by ensuring the Executives fully understand the basis of the programme, and share a level of transparency in communicating the reasoning, and approach, of the programme to the business and its employees, in order to greatly enhance chances of success.

Once people understand the what, why and when of the response being proposed to a business challenge, they will engage in the who, how and where of delivering the solution as defined.

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