Surviving a Little Bit of Too Much Juggling!

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Surviving a Little Bit of Too Much Juggling!

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We have all done it. And most likely still do.

What am I talking about, and can we learn to understand how to deal with this more effectively?

Let’s define this by considering an all too familiar scenario:

You have been given a new department to manage, and are on your way to your first meeting to put forward your thoughts on improvements to the Executive Team. You are unsure where the room is, so you ask for directions from another member of staff you pass.

As you start to follow the directions, your phone rings and it is a supplier who is looking for an update on a proposal, and you have to tell them they have been unsuccessful.

You realise you have not been paying attention to where you have been walking and are lost, not knowing where the room is, and you rush to end the call, and after getting your bearings, eventually arriving 5 minutes late, and annoyed with yourself.

You make your apologies and join the meeting.

A few minutes in, and your phone vibrates (you feel you have to be ‘always on’ after being promoted because you worry you might miss something urgent if it is turned off) with notification of an email from the successful bidder, needing the contract meeting rescheduled, and you reply immediately, half listening to the current meeting.

You feel a little anxious and sick, trying to do both activities. Your brain is showing signs of struggling.

The supplier sends a response quickly, to which you type a quick reply, only to realise the room has gone quiet, and the execs are looking at you, waiting. The CEO has asked you to give a brief introduction and a summary of your initial thoughts around how you might improve the department you have taken over, and is waiting.

You stumble out some vague introduction, already concerned how this is looking as you are a typically a clear and concise speaker. Your first meeting has not gone well!

So, what is going on here?

Find out by reading my full article in Brainz Magazine by clicking HERE

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