Transformation Complexity

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Transformation Complexity

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Published by Laurence Nicholson CEO in Transformation · 1 April 2020
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Thinking about Transformation? It is undoubtedly more complex than you imagine.
True detailed 'Transformation' is a very complex undertaking, far in excess of a focused change project.

There are many elements to consider, and the inter-relationships between each and every change across the business have consequences that need to be identified, quantified, qualified and considered, before each step of the 'Transformation' is made. The effect then needs to be measured and validated before each next step, to ensure the desired path is still appropriate and of value, to your organisation, but more importantly that it still represents the optimum position you are striving for.

Taking on a Transformation Director to be responsible for steering the programme may seem a high cost strategy, however when measured against the potential cost of failure (or partial success), it is a cost effective and lower risk approach.

They have to consider all the options, assess each impact and keep the programme moving in the desired direction (or identify and communicate an alternative direction) in order to deliver the benefits in the business case. To this end they are constantly reviewing, considering and calculating every step across each of the business functions.

This is an activity that cannot be performed by one of the change project managers working on one or two elements across the business, because to do so would reduce their much needed focus on those projects and endanger the outcome.

As a role, the Transformation Director is a more cerebral character, constantly evaluating and correcting, with the individual change project managers controlling their individual projects, safe in the knowledge that the cross discipline communication and impacts are being monitored and managed by the Transformation Director to ensure any potential or realised impacts in other parts of the business are identified and either addressed or mitigated.

Studies have shown that when a Transformation Director is engaged to co-ordinate and manage the senior level activities and decision processes, the programmes are more successful.

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