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Can we really only be either mentally healthy or mentally ill?

Mental health is often classified today as either the level of psychological well-being OR the level of mental illness that we have, which tends to suggest that from this perspective you can be two things: mentally healthy or mentally ill.

We don't believe this is a true representation of reality, and that it is all to easy to be labelled with a mental health issue, based on a 'blip' or 'episode' of certain behaviours.

If we undertake something such as short term diet change to, say, a week of 'fast-food' meals, but we normally consume a healthy diet, are we then suddenly to be labelled 'Unhealthy'?

Maybe temporarily, but not permanently, right?

The same goes with mental health. We feel that, as it is a term that holds such a great complexity, we should talk more in terms of:

  • mental health,
  • poor mental health and
  • mental illness.

The inclusion of the 'poor mental health' category is needed because it is the stage during which organisations should prioritise effort towards addressing mental health issues BEFORE it becomes a mental illness.

The category 'poor mental health' includes a huge group of people who are in between being mentally healthy and mentally ill, and who often get overlooked because they don't satisfy the definitions of being mentally 'ill' and needing professional help, but are not operating at optimum levels, and could be heading in that direction.

We feel there is a need to take a proactive, rather than a reactive approach to preventing this transition, and this is where Mind Coaching and Proactive Corporate Burnout Prevention & Recovery comes into play.

Here at NCG:Corporate we provide our NCG:BURNOUT HACKER Team to implement proactive techniques and tools to improve the mental health and performance of your employees and Executives, and thus positively impact the performance of your company. Please use this link to the NCG:Burnout Hacker store for information regarding pricing, and to order our In-Person and Online courses.
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