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EQ Based Communication:

Taking one of the most popular classes from our sister division, NCG:Burnout Hacker’s award winning ‘Cognitive Masterclass’, we take you through the neuroscientific foundations of the social psychology of the workplace, and apply the principles to structuring your communication for optimum clarity and purpose, as well as positive interpretation by the recipients of your messaging.

Our 1-2-1 personal development coaching on enhancing communication skills is generally delivered over a number of weeks, each covering a different aspect of communication, with each week focusing on a short workshop at the start, application of skills practiced during the week (partly observed), and a short review session at the end with next steps.
Who We Coach:

Our 1-2-1 coaching programmes can be tailored to most requirements, from mentoring in PM skills and knowledge as part of personal development, to including an intensive evaluation of current behaviours and a structured programme to enhance interpersonal and engagement skills, using emotional intelligence.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SME’s):
Working with small businesses across their talent pool, we provide various levels of project and programme management coaching, from structuring a PMO, artefact management, through to better stakeholder engagement management.

For group coaching, we can add some short workshops which describe how the brain works, how to structure your activities for optimum cognitive performance, and how this can combat workplace and life stresses.


As the nature of requirements of corporate coaching is similar to those of SMEs and individuals, we generally offer similar programmes as mentioned for SMEs, around project and programme management skills and techniques, but with a scale element for larger, more complex communication needs, matrix type hierarchies and greater project/programme complexities, especially around the use of leading techniques in agile and technology-based transformations.

As stresses are often different variations and constructs in corporate environments, when included, our additional neuroscience driven educational workshops provide insights on the workings of your brain and the impacts of cognitive stress, and are often added as an integral part of employee induction programmes, as well as staff wellness and performance development packages.

They take a deeper look into the neuroscience of our brain functioning, and how we can use this information to optimize cognitive peak performance and resilience, looking at topics such as:

·     Intelligence
·     Impulse Control
·     Attention & Selective Attention
·     Pauses & Peak Performance
·     Neuroscience In Leadership
·     Emotional Intelligence In Communication
Contact us today to find out how coaching can help you, your employees, and your business succeed.
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