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Life & Business Coaching, Talking & Holistic Therapies

We are an established group, experienced in offering Mind & Life Coaching, NLP Coaching and Cognitive Re-alignment Therapy, as well as Reiki Healings and Meditation.

Across our practice, it is not just qualification and training that we bring to our clients, but the combined experience of overcoming a lifetime of challenges including manic depression, high stress corporate pressures, nervous breakdown, family struggles, divorce, child custody battles, financial problems and bad life choices, but this is not what ultimately defines us unless we let it.

We find that actually having sat on 'the other side of the table' gives us a deeper insight into what our clients are actually experiencing, and this provides a level of trust and confidence in us that increases the benefits we can bring.

To understand more about what is offered, please see our Divisional Site 'ncg:Coaching & Therapies'
PHONE: 44 (0) 7846 417041
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