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Managing Projects and Programmes, including Agile Environments

Our consultants have been managing projects and programmes af all sizes, for over 30 years, incorporating modern techniques where appropriate, and working with traditional and Agile teams to deliver results quickly and effectively.

We work with Portfolio Managers and Product Owners, to build in a process of determination of which programmes to focus on, identifying the value to the client, and ensuring the correct measurements are used to determine Quality.
Operating as the crucial bridge between business needs and technology language, we cover all elements of a full implementation from traditional design build test deploy scenarios, to pure agile dynamic problem/goal solution creation and implementation.

We sit comfortably in that sweet spot within Leadership/Sponsor - Business Function Head - Technology Lead, establishing and managing the complex relationships within simple and complex matrix environments.

Talk to us today if you are looking for capable and trusted hands to deliver your existing or planned projects.
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