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Embedded into our Coaching Programmes and Project Management services is our mission to help our clients and their employees achieve their optimum productivity and performance potentials, understand how to protect themselves from workplace stress, and optimise agility within our fast paced world .

Founded in 2013, the N Cubed Group continues to provide multi-disciplined services from global project and programme management to award winning Proactive Cognitive Resilience Education Workshops for executives and businesses, and Civil & Commercial and Workplace & Employment Mediation, through our distinct divisions:

  • NCG:Corporate focused on corporate services including leadership coaching, agile coaching and programme management
  • NCG:Burnout Hacker focused on workplace burnout prevention and mental resilience education workshops
  • NCG:Mediation focused on Civil & Commercial and Workplace & Employment Mediation.

We provide qualified coaches, most with over 30 years of corporate environment experience garnered from working with some of the worlds largest organisations, to deliver the latest leading edge management, coaching, behavioural and cognitive techniques, appropriate to your organisation, to optimise performance of your workforce and your business, and deliver tangible benefits no matter your size or complexity.

Whether you need business or technology projects successfully delivered, training for your staff in mental resilience and peak performance, coaching in 'Intelligent Communication' or applying neuroscience in leadership for your executive management team, we have highly experienced, qualified professionals, ready to help you achieve your goals.
Contact us today to find out how we can help you, your employess, and your business succeed.
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