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We can help you with managing your organisation's journey to being more resilient, and higher performing, able to react dynamically and with agility to changing customer wants and needs, and deliver them quickly, consistently and efficiently.

NED & FRACTIONAL EXECUTIVES (Expertise as a Service)

Our NED & Fractional Executive practice, offers their expertise to a business as part-time leaders, often to help fill leadership gaps or leverage external experience in a new phase of the company’s growth.

We have broad board level expertise, and have experience across all points on a business' journey from startup to established international service provider, offering independent oversight on a board, and individual mentoring for executive leadership.

Business  transformation is an umbrella term that describes all transformation  processes – including operational, cultural, and digital – that a  business goes through in order to cope with shifts in the market. Its  goal is to generate new value, increase customer satisfaction and cut  costs.

Even though business transformation sounds like a fairly  straightforward term, it’s complex and disguises multiple layers. If  done right, it’s an initiative that takes several months or years to  complete. As the scope is broad and the decisions made affect every area  of the organisation, business transformation needs to be driven from  the top.

Our consultants have been managing projects and programmes of all sizes, for over 30 years, incorporating modern techniques where appropriate, and working with traditional and Agile teams to deliver results quickly and effectively.

We work with Portfolio Managers and Product Owners, to build in a process of determination of which programmes to focus on, identifying the value to the client, and ensuring the correct measurements are used to determine Quality.

A project management office (PMO) is usually created to enable consistent delivery of IT projects on time, on budget and in scope.

Most PMOs start out addressing issues around project management and delivery, before expanding their remit to programme management or portfolio management. The scope of work changes from tactical to strategic, while the scope of initiatives broadens from IT-intensive projects to enterprise-wide business and IT initiatives.

Once the PMO has earned credibility with the business, it usually receives requests to help manage business projects, as part of the delivery capability.

An Agile coach is a person who is responsible for creating and  improving Agile processes within a team or a company, and they can  either be employees or an external contractor.

Often a coach is brought in to guide and support a transformation, such as when a company is transitioning from their  existing working practices, such as Waterfall, into working with Agile methodology principles.
For coaching tailored toward improving mental health resilience and cognitive performance, either for you or your teams, visit our global award winning practice, specialising in applying neuroscience to management and explaining how our brain works in everyday and business situations; N.CUBED.GROUP | BURNOUT HACKER.

Alternatively, if you are looking for Civil & Commercial Mediation Services, or Workplace & Employment Mediation Services, head over to our mediation practice N.CUBED.GROUP | MEDIATION.

If you are interested in personal 1-2-1 success coaching, you might want to head over to our sister organisation actualisation coaching for more details.
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