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Expertise as a Service (EAAS) - Fractional Executives

Fractional Executive roles fall somewhere between Advisors and Interim Executives — leaders who work at a company for a set duration of time.

Assisting new or established business leaders, we are former operators, founders, or executives with specific expertise, and operate along this spectrum.

We focus on filling specific strategic and executional gaps in a leadership team, which are often identified in partnership between our Fractional Executive and company leadership team.

You can expect to pay a Fractional Executive on a day rate basis, or on a retained basis, as their value is not directly tied to the number of hours they work, which varies from a few days a month to a few days per week.

We find commitments are better suited to being retainer-based because the early months of onboarding and discovery are generally full-time, but as strategies are articulated, it transitions into delegation and direction, before finally transitioning to succession planning at the end of the engagement. The hours spent on a project lessen over time as the needs and nature of our services evolve.
We also firmly believe it is critical to co-define goals with the founders/leadership teams to ensure they have specific, and agreed, goals to focus on.

With startups, we normally support the model where the Fractional Executive gets its original definition: Working as an executive on a fractional, or part-time, basis. In this model, the engagement is not typically set up with a clear end date in mind.

Where a CEO is being sought, a part-time Fractional Executive is more cost effective while vetting any potential leader for long-term fit. For the leader, the part-time role allows them to similarly vet the company before making a full-time commitment or simply have their hands in a few different roles at once.

Where leadership are already in place, a part-time Fractional Executive is often engaged as a guide and mentor, to review, challenge and offer alternative positions during growth periods or transformations, and to support personal development of the leader.

Currently we are working with a niche consulting company founder and Managing Director, helping develop the operational processes and governance policies, as well as coaching in effective, emotionally intelligent leadership, communication.

We are also providing advice and mentoring to the founders of two tech startups, exploring AI solutions, in product positioning and value proposition establishment.
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