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Non-Executive Director (NED) Services

A non-executive director is a member of a company’s board of directors who does not hold an executive office. Non-executive directors act as independent advisors and are not responsible for the daily operations of the company.

However, they face the same legal responsibilities and liabilities as  the executive directors and are involved in the planning and framing of company policies. Non-executive directors generally receive payments for  their services; however, they are not considered employees of the  company.

As a Non-Executive Director we have a specific set of responsibilities including dedicating a part of our time to overseeing the company, and participating in management team meetings or board meetings. We add value by providing an experienced and broad perspective of the company’s issues and by protecting the interests of shareholders.
We are typically involved in the following areas, although this is agreed with the leadership team:

  • Performance - Non-executive directors are required to evaluate the performance of the management team in terms of meeting goals and objectives.

  • Strategic direction - Non-executive directors are responsible for objectively looking at the plans framed by the executive team. They help with formulating and overseeing the corporate strategy by providing constructive criticism and a broader view of the external factors affecting the business.

  • Risk management - Non-executive directors share with the executive partners the responsibility of developing frameworks and controls for accessing and regulating risks.

  • Committee meetings - A non-executive director may be required to actively participate in committee meetings and execute his/her duties as a committee member.
So why do serious businesses and leadership teams engage Non-Executive Directors? Here are a few of the reasons our clients describe:

  • Executive directors holding C-level positions may face a conflict of interest with the stakeholders or agency problem. Hence, non-executive directors are believed to objectively act in the interest of the company and the stakeholders.

  • To challenge the performance of the management team and the company.

  • To contribute towards ensuring that the board members achieve their objectives.

  • The experiences of a non-executive director from a different field may be valuable to the company. We bring in a wider perspective and outside experience contributing to strategic developments.

  • We often are able to fill in the expertise gap in the management team.
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